• Kivita Coasters - Snowy Turquoise & Silver

Kivita Coasters - Snowy Turquoise & Silver

Kivita coasters (little Kivas) by Anna Rablabs are the complement to their striking Kiva platters. Created as a set of two, they are available in many of the same stones as the platters, allowing for dramatic dinner table presentations. Depending on your mood, you can match the Kivitas to the Kivas, or go rogue and mix-and-match! Edges are available in both silver and 24k gold. This is a natural product; patterns, sizes, and shapes may vary. Approximately 4.5″ in diameter. Set of 2.

Snowy turquoise with sterling silver

* Please note that there is 7-10 day lead time on orders which exceed our in-house inventory.