Table Runner - Pheasant & Quail

Pheasant and Quail Table Runner by Coral & Tusk is embroidered with large scale illustrations of iconic upland birds beneath a thicket of blackberry vines. Their plumage is densely stitched with intricate patterns in hues of brown and burgundy. The colorful crown of the pheasant is embroidered in ruby and teal threads. Invite autumn in to your home, set the table with our Pheasant and Quail embroidered linens for your next fall family gathering.

Embroidery on 100% linen with linen backing.
Linen is made from 100% unbleached and undyed natural flax fiber. There is an inherent beauty in the shade variation from one crop to another.
Measures 76" × 24"

Linen is an incredibly durable fabric, and can be laundered in many ways. Coral & Tusk strongly recommends dry cleaning for our table runners, since they are backed with a plain fabric and only the face is embroidered, and water based laundry methods can cause the embroidered top layer to shrink.

*Please note that there is a 7-10 day lead time on orders which exceed our in-house inventory