• Spalted Maple Oval Bowls

Spalted Maple Oval Bowls

Spencer Peterman knows wood, inside and out. That expertise enables him to provide some amazing alternatives to your standard wooden bowls and accessories -- and each piece he creates has its own story. All local woods from central New England: the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont forests. They believe in upcycling -- taking logs that normally are discarded, and making something beautiful out of them. When Spencer gets hold of a Spalted Maple or an Ambrosia Maple log with just the right character, he can make wonderful things happen on the lathe. Their oval bowls retain their natural edge, and flow in an elliptical, providing a more wild and natural feel. Perfect for the home - living room or kitchen.

Available in 9", 11", 13", 15", 18", and 21"
Handmade out of upcycled wood.
All of Peterman's boards and bowls are food safe.
Hand wash only.

* Please note that there is a 1-2 week lead time on orders which exceed our in-house inventory.